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Strawberry Fair want you to raise money for your group! - 30/04/2018

Strawberry Fair is seeking a charity, nonprofit or community organisation to assist in the collection of donations (bucket collections) during our event on Saturday 3rd June 2017 in return for a share of the proceeds.

What is Strawberry Fair?

Strawberry Fair is the most popular free, entirely volunteer run, one day music & arts event in Cambridge (and probably across Europe!), attracting over 30,000 visitors throughout the day. Taking place on the first Saturday of June and now passed our 40th year; residents and visitors gather together on Midsummer Common to celebrate their vibrant and creative city.

The Fair is run entirely by volunteers (affectionately known as Strawberry Fairies) who give their energy, imagination and vision to present to their friends and neighbours in Cambridge a great free day out. A fundamental part of the organisation’s ethos and constitution is that the event must remain free from corporate  sponsorship and that all entertainment should be free.

Strawberry Fair is registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC). That guarantees that all money raised is protected for community benefit. We would prefer partners that have CIC or charity status, but we will consider applications from community groups that can demonstrate all money raised will go to good causes.

Bucket Donations?

Since 2007, Strawberry Fair has operated a licensed bucket collection on site. Initially, we did this ourselves with varying degrees of success. The problem was that we don’t have sufficient volunteers available on the day as we’re all too busy running the actual event! Therefore, we sought to work with other local organisations who can provide people to manage the bucket collections through the event in return for a share of the income they achieve.

Strawberry Fair enjoys incredible good will from our patrons, many of whom understand how much time and effort goes into organising the event. Many attendees are more than happy to donate to us provided we make it easy for them to do so - particularly if we catch them on the way out when they’ve already had a great day and know what money they can spare! Raising this additional income has helped Strawberry Fair survive as one of the last remaining free festivals in the country and has helped us to continue despite the ever-spiralling costs related to event management.

To find out more

There is more information in the 2017 collections partnership document or contact is Martin Twiss on 07971 266768 or

General information about Strawberry Fair can be found at