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Protecting your charity - It's everyone's business - 24/10/2023

Do the words cyber security fill you with dread and leave you unsure how best to protect your organisation? This new no-nonsense blog clearly shares guidance on what action you can take.

Exciting news! A new volunteer website for Cambridgeshire! - 16/10/2023

We're thrilled to unveil a game-changing resource for all your volunteer recruitment needs—Volunteer Cambs. This comprehensive platform serves as a website, database, portal, and more, connecting organisations with eager volunteers and helping the public find meaningful ways to support their community.

7 essential things to think about when doing digital fundraising or crowdfunding - 05/10/2023

New technology, social media, and the different ways we connect as individuals and organisations have changed how fundraising works. This has to be recognised by organisations and it needs to be built into how fundraising happens.