Fundraising Advice

CCVS can give advice on how to write a good funding bid and on different ways you can raise funds. We can help you with designing a project, thinking about need and impact. We CAN NOT write bids for you and are not able to recommend fundraisers.

If you want to find out how CCVS can help you please contact us.

Making a good funding application

Making a funding application is timing consuming and resource expensive. It is also a skill that you can learn and improve. It is not something that should be rushed or delegated to someone with little knowledge or love for your organisation. And it is certainly not something that you should do without having a good idea of what you want the money for and what difference it will make.

Preparation is the key to this and one of most important resources we have to offer is the Project Proposal Form.  This template helps you to design your project and its prompting questions helps you organise the information, creating a profile of the project which can be used when completing an application form. Click to down load the Project Proposal Guide and blank Project Proposal Form.

Some key tips when completing an application are:

A good way of developing your skills is to come on the training we offer:

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