Using the Media

Local publicity can be useful for your group. News of your successes or activities can let people know what you are doing, and help you to get new members. Radio or press coverage can also be useful if you are campaigning on a particular issue, and want to draw attention to your concerns.

Journalists are busy. If you can provide them with a well written story at the right time (with pictures if you have them) there is a good chance that they will use it.

We have put together a few useful resources that may help you.

The 10 principles of publicity

These help to think about what you are saying and how you can best make sure people listen

Radio and TV interviews

Helpful tips on how to come across in a professional way

Writing a press release

How to get your story in the paper including a press release template

What to do if the media contact you

Stop. Think. Talk

Local media contacts

A list of some of the local contacts for TV, Radio, Newspapers and magazines

Other useful resources include

Charity Comms website has lots of excellent advice and tips