The Healthy Fenland Project is part of the Engaging and Strengthening Communities in Fenland Programme, funded by Cambridgeshire County Council.  As part of the project there is a team based in Fenland who are working with communities to help them make the changes that they want to improve their health and wellbeing.

The "on the ground community development team" (contacted via Care Network Cambridgeshire (01945 464289) work with people who want to make a positive change in their "community", which might be geographically defined, interest or experience based). 

An organisational development worker (contacted via CCVS 01223 464696) is working with the Community Team to help groups with their governing documents, policies, governance skills and their long term funding strategies.

Support is offered to both existing organisations, wanting to do something new, and to members of the public who want to get involved and have no previous experience.

As well as practical support and guidance, the Project also offers financial support from The Healthy Fenland Fund.

Applications to The Healthy Fenland Fund for funding for charitable projects are invited from existing and newly forming groups that are/will be constituted, and based in Fenland. More information and applications details are available from Cambridgeshire Community Foundation

Grants will be offered normally in the range of £250 to £5,000, although in exceptional circumstances higher sums may be considered.

Download an information sheet about healthy Fenland.

Information Sheets

setting up a community group

Setting up a self help group

your constitition

To download a model constitution 

Down load an information sheet about the indicators you will ned to identify on your grant acceptance form

Where to find model policies

Equlaity fact sheet

Down load model equlaity policy 

Health and safety fact sheet

Safeguarding Children Fact Sheet

safeguarding Children policy

Adults at Risk this link takes you to the County Council website.

Keeping simple accounts