This page has information and sample documents that will help you to ensure that your group is working in a safe way. Health and Safety is not complicated and you should not be afraid of being sued as long as you have taken reasonable care to ensure the safety of staff, volunteers and the public.

There are many myths about H&S, but you can not be sued if you clear the snow from your path, teachers can apply sun screen to children. Read more myths about Health and Safety here. Also read this excellent page on the HSE website.

This factsheet will help you asses risks for what you are doing. This is not a complicated procedure and can help you think about your activity or event. We also have a number of checklists that can help you.

We also have a risk assessment checklist for larger events

Health and Safety Policies

The law says that unless you have five or more paid staff you do not need a written policy, but we think it is good practice to have one; you may also find that some funders insist you have one before they will give you any money.

To make the policy worthwhile you must ensure that you use it and review it regularly.

These sample policies may help you

Finally there is lots of information on the web. 

Start with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website, they have some specific information for voluntary groups here.

You may be interested in the Charity Safety Group who meet regularly and who campaign on H & S issues affecting the sector.