Many voluntary sector organisations are involved in activities that fall under this type of work even if they do not consider themselves as campaigning organisations or as campaigners. Campaigning is all about telling a story and engaging with people to bring about a change of opinion, attitudes or actions.

There are many different resources to help you get your message heard and to help you achieve your goal. It is important that you think very clearly about who you are targeting, how you can best do that and what it is you want to get.

The rise of the internet and social media has impacted greatly on who campaigns and how it is carried out. Organisations now have access to information and social media links to people that could not have been envisaged even 5 years ago.  There are huge opportunities to engage people to tell your story.

Charities have been undertaking campaigning for many years where it can be seen that campaigning activities further their charitable aims. However this must be done within the framework of the Charities Act 2006. Information can be found in the Charity Commission Guidance CC9 Speaking out: Guidance on Campaigning and Political Activity by Charities.

For an introduction to many of the tools and guides available check out this article from the April 13 CCVS newsletter.

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