Your commitment to us

In order to make the most from our services, and to help us to provide the best service we can, we expect you to make the following commitments.

To join CCVS

We can offer non members a maximum of 1 hours support to help you decide if CCVS are able to help. After this you will be expected to join.

To provide the information necessary for us to effectively deal with your enquiry

This could include your group’s constitution, accounts, policies, project plans, details of any previous funding you have applied for. It might also include any other services or networks you are working with.

To book an appointment if you would like to see a staff member

If you turn up unannounced we will endeavour to see you but may need to book a separate appointment to enable us to deal with your enquiry fully.

To attend any agreed meetings/training or if you can’t attend let us know

Ideally 48 hours in advance unless the cancellation is due to illness, an emergency or inclement weather. This is to help us make alternative arrangements if necessary. If you fail to turn up, or give notice, for a training event you will be charged an administration fee of £60

To commit to equality and diversity

If you are a local organisation, looking to volunteer locally or are representing CCVS we expect you to be inclusive in your role and support our commitment to equal opportunities and diversity. To become a member of CCVS you must agree to sign up to our equal opportunities policy. This is available on our website

To complete all agreed actions

We have to be fair to everyone who asks for support and may ask you to do some things before we can help you further. If you have any problems with doing this, or haven’t had enough time, please let us know so we can either provide additional support or alternative arrangements.

To treat CCVS staff and volunteers with courtesy and respect.


To give feedback

Take the time to give us feedback and complete any surveys we send you regarding our services. This gives us vital information to demonstrate our outcomes and helps us to continually improve our services.

To share your success stories and experiences with us

We always like to hear how you or your organisation are getting on. We would ask that you let us know how CCVS has helped your organisation and the difference you have made thanks to our support. We would like to use this information to promote CCVS, the work of the sector as well as your organisation.

To spread the word about CCVS services

If you have found our services useful, please let others know.