The Volunteering for All Project gives people a concrete opportunity to make informed decisions, not only about volunteering, but also about education, social interaction, inclusion and personal development


Many health and social care organisations refer their clients because of the beneficial impact, and also because coming to us is an important step to test individuals’ readiness towards being independently active in their community.

Individuals can and do also self-refer and get in touch with us even to just find out more about volunteering for themselves or people they care for, when they are ready to get involved or as a target for the future.


Our core services are:

1:1 Interviews online or by phone

Each applicant has the chance to discuss volunteering opportunities, whilst feeling comfortable and safe.  We give people the time and the support needed to truly analyse their preferences and skills. Most people come to us feeling overwhelmed by the number of opportunities and unable to make a choice.  We support them in investigating their real potential and addressing the issues which may have been stopping them volunteering before. We are also able to offer:

We aim to keep in touch with our clients in order to act as a point of reference for any further advice.


Group workshops and presentations (now mainly online)

We often are invited to introduce the voluntary sector and our work to groups organised by our partner organisations, schools, and health and social care services and encourage their clients to get involved.


Training opportunities and "Get ready to volunteer" workshops (now mainly online)

These focus on overcoming the barriers and enable those people further away from volunteering to build their confidence and resilience. We aim to give our participants the tools they need to access the voluntary sector at a pace that suits them.


Guidance and advice for those in working support roles (now mainly 1:1 phone or online support offered)

We work with support workers and settings on how to help their clients find the right voluntary work. We visit day centres, hospital wards or supported living accommodation to discuss the benefits of volunteering and the possible roles individuals could pursue.


Walk and Talk about Volunteering opportunities

A chance for people (with or without volunteering experience) to meet outdoors, safely, in small groups of max 15 people, to have a general conversation about volunteering: what are the benefits of it, what are the opportunities in our local area, how to get involved, tips and advice about the application process. 

We meet the third Wednesday of every month, 10am start, in different green spaces around the City.

Everybody is welcome to join, but booking is essential.

We support over 200 people per year. The large majority of people who have accessed the project are now volunteering and/or are in education; some have progressed into employment.