Employer Supported Volunteering

How businesses and charities could collaborate more effectively to deliver on the skills that charities need to succeed.

These pages will be developed to help businesses and charities to find ways that they can work together to build stronger communities.

Employer Supported Volunteering research

In 2019 CCVS were commissioned by Cambridge City Council to find out which skills charities are short of, that local businesses could help to meet. This research arose from work the council were doing to look at how businesses, as part of the local community, could do more to help deliver the Anti Poverty Strategy, they needed to understand what good practice existed, what business might be able to offer and what local charitable groups might need and want. This report looks at this and comes up with a series of recommendations aimed to help all parties overcome barriers that may stop future collaboration and partnership.

The recommendations fall in to three distinct areas:
Download the report here.

Read the Executive Summary here

Read the case studies

Check out our slide deck that summarises the research.

Making connections website presentation from Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service

Time Well Spent Research

NCVO carried out a big piece of research into volunteering. The reports can be downloaded here.

This included some suplementary research into Employer Supported Volunteering. This is available here.